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    Case Studies

    Pelletron Corp., a global leader in providing custom solutions for pneumatic conveying and material handling systems to the plastics industry, was selected to supply the PLA pellet handling systems for NatureWorks' newest Ingeo™, PLA, biopolymer plant in Thailand.

    Sound Technology’s Jeff Replogle loads material into a dryer with a Pelletron C20 DeDuster located above the dryer hopper.

    When Jeff Replogle first inherited an injection mold for an ultrasonic transducer component, his company had no cosmetic issues molding the eggshell-colored parts. Then the color was switched to gray, and the problems started.

    During the production of plastic parts, microparticles such as granulate debris and streamers in the material flow often result in a lower quality end product. A manufacturer of exposed cisterns is one of many firms to experience this problem. Though dark spots on the housing surface do not affect the functionality of the cistern, they make for a poor visual impression. To fix this problem, the granulate had to be dedusted.

    The right elbow can keep your system operating at peak performance, reduce maintenance costs, and minimize material attrition and elbow wear. This article describes common elbows and outlines factors to consider when selecting one.

    A family-owned, custom plastics molding company invests $7.6million to expand its operation and improve its bottom line. Reclaiming scrap plastic through dedusting results in huge savings for producer and customer.

    Case study about a Mobile DeDuster™ in Bratislava, Slovakia.