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    For most bulk materials, pneumatic conveying is the state-of-the-art technology. Companies using pneumatic conveying are looking to cut energy costs, lower conveying equipment costs, and simplify system operation and maintenance. In addition to these system factors, low attrition of the conveyed product is also a key to selecting a pneumatic conveying system. Pelletron developed a completely new conveying concept, trade named pellcon3®, that addresses all of these requirements. The conveying process consists of three major components: STRANDPHASE® conveying, Pellbow® pipe elbows and the DeDuster® for product cleaning.

    Pelletron has built a new test lab to perform pneumatic conveying trials as well as product cleaning tests with the DeDuster®.

    Clean resin without streamers and with dust content well below 50ppm is the requirement in today’s marketplace. Many plastic manufactures find it difficult to meet this standard with their existing pneumatic conveying and dust removal systems.