C-20 DeDuster®

No more streamers, angel hair or dust in your process

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Excellent Pellet Cleaning, and Dust Extraction Results

The Pelletron C-20 DeDuster® is a throat or dryer mounted device that removes dust, angel hair and streamers from material before it enters injection molding machines or extruders. Pelletron’s patented C-20 DeDuster® is perfect for applications with throughputs up to 60 lbs/hr where processors cannot accept black spots or weak spots in parts caused by dust and streamers. The DeDuster® solves these problems resulting in reduced scrap rates, higher quality parts and increased profit. Operation is simple with an On/Off switch, integrated level sensor and a clear window that shows dust and streamers being removed from the good resin. The clear container that collects the dust and streamers can be easily removed and emptied in seconds, without any tools.

C-20 DeDuster in action

Ideal for injection molders and extruders

The venturi feature combined with the strategically placed ionizer ensure that dust and streamers are separated from the pellets. This is what creates the clean dust-free pellets required for high quality parts and low scrap rates.

Compact size for easy retrofitting

Whether you’re planning the installation of a new line or just want to add a DeDuster® to your existing line, the 10.25" (260 mm) stack up height is a huge benefit. Adding this small 28 lb (13 kg) C-20 DeDuster® will eliminate countless rejected parts.

Low cost, high benefit investment

For less than the cost of about a month‘s worth of scrapped parts due to blemishes and imperfections, you can add the C-20 DeDuster® to your process and greatly reduce your scrap rate which increases your bottom line.

Performance you can see

C-20 DeDuster® performance is highly visible in the window and clear dust container. Watch the patented science work, producing better parts and eliminating waste.

Operating Principle

  1. Controlled Feed Zone: A variable speed motor turns a flexible paddle that feeds pellets, dust and streamers at a controlled rate into the DeDuster®

  2. Ionizing Zone: Compressed air uniformly distributes negative ions from Ion Generator to neutralize the static charge that holds dust on the surface of the pellets.

  3. Venturi Zone: A compressed air operated vacuum generator creates the counter flow air that separates streamers and dust from the falling pellets.

  4. Air Inlet: If the solids outlet is closed off to the atmosphere then the air inlet on the side of the C-20 DeDuster® allows the vacuum generator to pull in filtered atmosphere air.

  5. Dust Collector: Unwanted dust and streamers are sent to the attached mini dust collector. Filtered air is released to the atmosphere.
Operating Principle C-20

Installation requirements

The extremely lightweight C-20 DeDuster® is just 28 lb (13 kg) and is only 10.25”(260 mm) tall. Only single phase power and plant compressed air are required.

Material is typically gravity fed into the C-20 DeDuster® by a flapper valve type hopper loader. The integrated variable speed agitator in the inlet of the C-20 DeDuster® feeds the material into the cleaning zone at a metered rate that is easily adjustable for a wide range of applications by turning the speed control knob. A simple sight glass with bracket is used to hold the integrated level sensor below the C-20 DeDuster®. The signal from the level sensor stops the agitator motor and de-energizes the ion generator if the downstream process stops consuming material.

The maximum allowable temperature of the material that is processed by the C-20 DeDuster® is 180° F (82° C) so it is typically mounted to dryer inlets where the material is cooler than that limit.

Be sure to clean the extruder screw and replace melt filters after installing the C-20 DeDuster® to see a more immediate reduction in your scrap rate.

Installation C-20 DeDuster
  1. C-20 DeDuster® 
  2. Vacuum loader
  3. Transition hopper
  4. Sight glass 
  5. Level sensor
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