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    No more dust, streamers or angel hair

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    Excellent Pellet Cleaning, and Dust Extraction Results

    The Pelletron C-20 DeDuster® removes dust, angel hair and streamers from virgin and regrind material before it enters injection molding machines or extruders. It can be installed directly on the throat of those machines or on upstream equipment like blenders and dryers. Pelletron’s patented C-20 DeDuster® is perfect for applications up to 50 lbs/hr where defects like black spots, gels or weak spots are not acceptable. The C-20 DeDuster® solves these problems resulting in reduced scrap rates, higher quality parts and increased profit.

    Installation and operation are simple. A level sensor is included with the C-20 DeDuster® to automatically stop and start the flow of solids into the unit. The On/Off switch starts the unit and two knobs to adjust the cleaning airflow and resin feed rate. A clear window in the C-20 DeDuster® shows dust and streamers being removed from the good resin. A clear dust container collects dust and streamers removed from the good resin.

    C-20 DeDuster in action

    Ideal for injection molders and extruders

    The steady resin flow rate, venturi and ionizer ensure that dust and streamers are separated from the pellets. Dust-free pellets and regrind are required to produce high quality parts with low scrap rates.

    Compact size for easy retrofittings

    Weighing only 40 lb (18.2 kg), the C-20 DeDuster® is a lightweight solution to improve your scrap rates. There is no floor mounted equipment stand since the vacuum generator and dust collector are attached to the stackup mounted C-20 DeDuster® housing.

    Quick return on investment

    For about the same cost as a month‘s worth of scrap caused by blemishes and imperfections, the C-20 DeDuster® can improve your process and your bottom line.

    Performance you can see

    Watch the patented science work, producing better parts and eliminating waste using clean resin. The C-20 DeDuster® has a window in the venturi zone and a clear dust container.

    Operating Principle

    1. Controlled Feed Zone: The C-20 DeDuster® has a vibratory feeder driven by a pneumatic motor that doses the resin, with whatever dust and streamers it contains, into the unit. A knob for adjusting the resin flow rate is easily accessible on the front of the C-20 DeDuster®.

    2. Ionizing Zone: Compressed air uniformly distributes negative ions from the ion generator to neutralize the static charge that holds dust on the surface of the resin.

    3. Venturi Zone: An efficient compressed air operated vacuum generator creates the counter flow air stream that separates streamers and dust from the falling pellets or regrind.

    4. Air Inlet: The cleaning air is pulled from the atmosphere through a filtered opening on the side of the C-20 DeDuster®.

    5. Dust Collector: Unwanted dust and streamers are sent to the attached mini dust collector which features a cyclone separator and cartridge filter for the air before it is released to the atmosphere. The dust collector is easily emptied without needing tools to access the dust drum.
    Operating Principle C-20



    The C-20 DeDuster® is only 40 lb (18.2 kg) and 13.25”(337 mm) tall. Just plug in the unit to a single-phase power source, connect a W” compressed air line, and position the level sensor on a sight glass below the C-20 DeDuster®.

    Material is typically fed to the hopper above the C-20 DeDuster® by a common vacuum loader with a flapper valve to isolate the conveying vacuum from the C-20 DeDuster®. No changes are made to your existing vacuum system control. The C-20 DeDuster® features an integrated variable speed feeder on its inlet to dose resin into the cleaning zone at a metered rate.

    Turning the feed rate control knob during setup changes resin flow rate for a wide range of applications. The feeder automatically stops the resin flow into the C-20 DeDuster® when the level sensor below the C-20 DeDuster® detects resin. Of course, the flow is started again when the downstream process starts again and the level sensor does not detect resin anymore.

    The maximum allowable temperature of the material that is processed by the C-20 DeDuster® is 180° F (82° C) so it is typically mounted to dryer inlets where the material is cooler than that limit. Contact Pelletron about solutions for higher temperature applications.

    To see an immediate reduction in your scrap rate, be sure to clean the mold, extruder screw, and replace melt filters after installing the C-20 DeDuster®.

    Installation C-20 DeDuster
    1. C-20 DeDuster®
    2. Vacuum loader
    3. Transition hopper
    4. Sight glass
    5. Level sensor
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