• Conveying and Attrition Tests

    Pelletron maintains test facilities for various types of pneumatic conveying tests.

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    Pneumatic Conveying Attrition Test

    We help you find best conveying system settings and components

    Pelletron provides conveying system attrition tests that help determine the best conveying system settings and components for minimizing material degradation during conveying.

    The pneumatic conveying test loop is designed for dilute, STRANDPHASE®, and slow motion dense phase conveying. Tests to determine the characteristics of each conveying technology can be carried out. The test lab offers the possibility to run comparison tests for standard pipe elbows and Pellbows®. Degradation tests can be done, including wash out of piping to determine the exact increase of dust generated through pneumatic conveying. Also hot conveying tests can be performed in the test lab.

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