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Pelletron Custom DeDuster
Pelletron Custom DeDuster

Special DeDuster® series Product Line

P - Series DeDuster®

P-Series DeDuster®

For special applications with light weight bulk densities such as recycling, food, non-food we recommend using a single deck DeDuster® of the P-Series. Available in sizes P10 to P400 for capacities up to 45,000 lb/h (20.000 kg/h).

OS – Series


This DeDuster® has an OffSet inlet/outlet design. It can be used for applications with inclined piping or other configurations that require an offset design. Various sizes are available. Others can be designed based on unique customer requirements.

DO - Series


This DeDuster® has a single inlet and a Dual Outlet. It can be used for special applications where narrow or shallow packaging machines are installed or for other configurations that require a dual design. Various sizes are available and others can be designed based on unique customer requirements.

Polished DeDuster®

Polished DeDuster®

For special, high grade resins, mirror polishing of the DeDuster® is required. All DeDuster® types can be supplied in polished versions.

Wear-Resistant DeDuster®

Wear-Resistant DeDuster®

For highly abrasive bulk materials, a wear-resistant DeDuster® is necessary. All DeDuster® types can be supplied in wear-resistant versions. The photo shows a heavy duty DeDuster® for cleaning of iron ore pellets.

Wash Down DeDuster®

Wash down configurations are available for most DeDuster® types. The design allows the cleaning with water and easy access to all areas of the DeDuster®. 

Wide Body Design

For some retrofit applications, the available height is not sufficient for the installation of a standard DeDuster®. Pelletron offers a wide body version of its P- and XP - Series in order to reduce the construction height.

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DeDuster® Anthology - The Complete Guide

The complete guide to the evolution of dedusting technology, a review of applications in a variety of industries, and guidelines for selecting the right system. 

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