RC 1 DeDuster®

No more streamers, angel hair or dust in your process

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XP 5 DeDuster®

No more streamers, angel hair or dust in your process

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Mini-series DeDuster® Product Line

C-20 DeDuster

C-20 DeDuster®

The C-20 DeDuster® is designed for a product throughput of 5 – 100 lb (2 – 45 kg/h) and requires only 13.25 in (337 mm) installation height. Compressed plant or instrument air will be used for cleaning.

RC1 DeDuster

RC1 DeDuster®

The RC 1 DeDuster® is designed for a product throughput of 10 – 750 lb/h (20 – 350 kg/h) and requires only 12 in (305 mm) installation height. The cleaning air will be supplied through a fan with variable speed control. The dusty air will be cleaned in a compact filter/cyclone combination and returned to the DeDuster® in a closed loop system. The RC 1 is equipped with 3 sight windows.

XP5 DeDuster

XP5 DeDuster®

The XP 5 DeDuster® is designed for a product throughput of 500 – 1,000 lb/h (250 – 450 kg/h) and requires only 21.75 in (552 mm) installation height. The XP 5 is equipped with the same fan and dust collection unit as described for the RC 1.The XP 5 has one large sight window.

DeDuster® Applications for the Plastics Processing Industry

Production of high quality end products requires clean plastic pellets. Dust and streamers in plastic pellets cause many problems for the plastics processing industry:

  • High “scrap” rates from fines burning in mold
  • Blurry surfaces resulting from vaporized dust particles
  • Weak spots in fibers
  • Flaws in wire insulation
  • Gels in films
  • Housekeeping problems caused by dust and streamers
  • Crusting on feed throat of screw
  • Reduced mold and screw life resulting from carbonization of dust
  • Mold vents clogged by dust
  • Equipment and machines clogged by streamers
  • Dust accumulation on silo walls, roofs and hopper walls

Regrind is also common in the plastics processing industry. Regrind is very dusty and should be cleaned before it is mixed with virgin pellets, before processing.

Special configurations for clean room applications are also available.

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