• Clean Conveying Cuts Costs and Enables Efficiency

    Focus on three key areas when moving material for better-quality parts and less downtime. 


    Pellets impacting the pipe wall leave patches of plastic on the inside surface of the pipe. These patches melt together due to friction, which creates a coating on the pipe. This coating eventually tears off in strips.

    All plastics processing starts with moving resin to the machine, and while it can be easy to overlook the first step in any multistep activity, processors would be remiss to downplay the vital role conveying plays in establishing a robust operation. From the silo or the gaylord to the mold or the die, there are three key areas processors need to think about when they start moving material. The design and operation of your conveying system, the choice of elbows for that system, and accounting for fines and streamers will get your conveying on the right track.


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