The Pellbow®
for gentle conveying of dry bulk materials

The Pellbow® is a special pipe bend that reduces fines, eliminates the formation of streamers and is wear resistant.

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Pelletron Pellbow
Pelletron Pellbow
Pelletron Pellbow
Pelletron Pellbow
Pelletron Pellbow

The Challenge

Reduce unwanted fines, eliminate the formation of streamers and reduces wear to perform above and beyond the typical long or short radius elbow or blind tee

The Solution

Using a Pellbow® avoids problems caused by friction in traditional elbows.

The Working Principle

The Pellbow® Resists Wear – Naturally. In traditional long radius elbow installations, the conveyed product drags along the outside elbow wall at a high velocity. Heat and friction create streamers and dust and wear through the elbow. By design, material flowing through the Pellbow® accumulates in the pocket or “impact zone” and moves gently upward and then out of the Pellbow®. Incoming material is deflected at 90 degrees with minimum resistance and no damage from impact.

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